• Laura Daly

Leaps and Wonders!

So the whole idea of development leaps and wonder weeks was all new to me this time round! Until I had Farrah I’d never even heard of the ups and downs of leaps which are essentially like growth spurts only of the mental development kind! When Farrah arrived I was in the throws of leap ten with Nathan and I never even knew it. I kind of thought he was testing us and testing boundaries and just hated the world cause he now has a baby sister!

So now there is a reason as to why you have a crying, demanding fussy baby at certain times – it’s because baby is going through a ‘drastic change in development’ and lets face it it’s scary to be going through any kind of change! The book is actually quite an empowering read!

And there’s an app!! I have it on my phone and it tells me when the next leap is coming and all the details about it. It’s called The Wonder Weeks but I’ll admit I don’t really look it anymore because it shows the ‘fussy days’ as storm clouds and when you’re looking at seven or more stormy clouds in a row the week is looking bleak before it’s even started! Instead what I do now is if Farrah is particularly fussy I might have a look to check if it’s a leap or not because at least then you’ve got some sort of an idea as to why your placid, happy and contented baby has now got you run ragged and going stir crazy!

I’ve done so much talking about leaps in this house that the last time Farrah wouldn’t settle for either of us the hubby calmly gave his diagnosis as ‘must be a leap!’ And I will admit I have used leaps to my advantage. Dare I say it … something like this … ‘we’ll have to get a Chinese for dinner cause I couldn’t get anything done, must be leap 4’!

For more information on developmental leaps and The Wonder Weeks book and app see www.thewonderweeks.com

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