• Laura Daly


Oh my absolute god!! With my two girls being 16 and 12, it’s been a while since I’ve gone through the ‘it’s mine’ stage!! I’m actually giggling right now as I type this thinking about the stingy song from Lazytown, seriously google it, it’s my absolute life at the moment!

So Nathan is almost two and everything belongs to him. Everything that he sees, everything that he touches, everything that belongs to anybody else actually belongs to him! Things that he has claimed this week alone include the hair on my head, ALL of his sisters toys, his Daddy’s shoes, Rebecca’s blanket, anything that Zara wants to eat and various items from any shop we go in to … oh yes it makes for a disastrous trip to Supervalu where everything that’s in there also belongs to him!

I’m really trying to pick my battles this week because to be honest there are so many to choose from!! I now understand the memes online about being nice to people ‘because you never know who has lost an argument with a toddler!!’ You know your loosing when your toddler takes out a nursing bra from the washing machine, wears it on his head and won’t take it off because … yes you’ve guessed it, it belongs to him now! I had to try to hide the look of desperation when the milkman knocked on the door and my two year old came parading down the hall like a model on a runway during fashion week with a nursing bra on his head, clipped down I might add with his head sticking out through it!

Now I did read online recently that the concept of mine is actually a sign of knowledge and an intellectual milestone! Which I suppose does make sense because in order to be able to share you need to understand ownership. So I suppose this is another phase and like all the others it too will pass! It will pass, it will pass, wont it???

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