• Laura Daly

'Viral Infection' – Two Dirty Words

So last week I made not one, but two trips to the doctors only to hear those dirty words: ‘viral infection’ said not once but twice! This actually embarrasses me because being a nurse I tend not to bring anyone to the doctor unless their actually really sick! Because lets face it, if your not that sick - waiting in a room full of coughs, snots and other airborne nasties, you soon will be! I’m convinced that last year when I brought my son for his MMR vaccination he left with the vaccine AND the winter vomiting bug which of course went around the whole house!

Now don’t get me wrong, the peace of mind that a GP can provide is often priceless and can be the difference between getting some sleep at night and staying up watching your child like a hawk thinking that you should of made the trip! I’ve often brought the kids to the doctor, walked straight in and said ‘just tell me it’s not on their chest’.

The last time my daughter was sick she was walking (ok maybe lying) around with a strep infection for days before I took her to the doctor oooops! In my defence though, it did stem from a viral infection which 9 times out of 10 do clear up on their own and I still feel mega guilty over it! So this time when she said she had a really, really bad sore throat, I caved and went straight to the doctor. She did get an antibiotic at the second visit for an ear infection which must be like winning the lotto for my kids cause when she got the validation of an antibiotic I got a, ‘see I told you I’m sick’! You see, like the way my husband and I like to play the whole ‘who got the most sleep last night’ game (which I never EVER win btw) the kids like to play the ‘who is the sickest’ game! It’s like when your sick in this house you really need to prove it. And of course this viral dose has gone around us all and I feel like I’ve done my bit to keep my local pharmacy open! All while I pull my hair out of course, cause at this stage I’ve caught it and clearly I’m the sickest but that’s another game I never win!

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