• Laura Daly

Upcycle Ideas for Your Hamper and Making Memories!

So you’ve purchased an Abosca baby range hamper or you were lucky enough to receive one as a gift. Once you’ve worked your way through all the amazing and very practical items contained in your hamper your left with either a hatbox, a wicker basket or a box! Back when I was looking at the best way to present the hampers I did try to choose materials that can be easily upcycled and so here are some suggestions:

The wicker baskets are fully lined and are ideal for storing nappies or vests. They are perfect to add to an upstairs or a bedroom changing station and can also be used to store water bottles, magazines and snacks as part of a breastfeeding station (a great idea by the way if you don’t have a toddler to eat all your snacks!) I just love that they’re great for storing wet bath toys in.

A memory box is a fantastic way to save all those special memories which can then be given to your child at their 18th or 21st birthday! The hatboxes make for a great memory box because it’s perfect for storing all your babies keepsakes safely. I know my two older girls who are now 16 and 12 (time just flew by) just love looking back at old pictures and I sometimes get the odd request on a rainy day to get out the camcorder which is usually followed by ‘tell me about the day I was born!’! So I can’t wait to share their memory boxes with them when they’re older!

Here are some pictures of Nathans hatbox memory box.

So have fun creating something that will be really treasured in years to come because one thing I’ve learned along the way is time certainly stands still for nobody X

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